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By the Numbers:  For Federal Tax Returns

2021 and 2022 Standard Deduction
and Personal Exemption Amounts


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Date last modified: 01/24/22

Single:  $12,550

Head of Household:  $18,800

Married Filing Joint:  $25,100

Qualifying Widow(er):  $25,100

Married Filing Separate:  $12,550

(your marital status on December 31 generally determines your filing status)

Additional standard deduction amounts allowed
 age 65 or older, and/or blind -- per person, per event:

Single, Head of Household:  $1,650/$1,750
Married Filing Joint/Single, Qualifying Widow/er:  $1,350/$1,400

Personal Exemption:   $0 -- Eliminated


2021 and 2022 Standard Mileage Rates

56.0 cents per mile
cents per mile
Business miles
(self-employed, only)
16.0 cents per mile
cents per mile
Medical miles
14.0/14.0 cents per mile Charitable miles


2022 Maximum Retirement Contributions


Type of Account Under 50 50 and Over
401(k); 403(b), 457 $20,500 $27,000
Traditional IRA; Roth IRA
(income limitations)
$6,000 $7,000
SIMPLE $14,000 $17,000
$600 minimum compensation
$285,000 maximum compensation
25%/$61,000 25%/$67,500


2022 Education Credits and Deductions
Income limitations may apply.

Hope/Opportunity Credit
(first Four Years Undergraduate Tuition & Qualified Expenses
100% of first $2,000 per student
  25% of next $2,000 per student
Lifetime Learning Credit 20% of first $10,000 all Tuition combined
Student Loan Interest $2,500 maximum deduction
Coverdell Educational Savings Account $2,000 maximum contribution per beneficiary
529 Plans Contribution limits set by plan; may qualify for a state tax incentive.


2022 Gift Amount and Estate Tax

Annual Gift Maximum, per recipient $16,000
Federal Estate Tax Exemption $12.06  million exemption; unlimited marital deduction;
inherited assets get basis step-up